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Jefferson County, WI


Per Town of Lake Mills Ordinance 5-5: REGULATION OF TRAFFIC ON THE ICE BOUND WATERS OF ROCK LAKE, the Town Board of the Town of Lake Mills requires:

(1)   All motor vehicles shall be lighted from sunset to sunrise

(2)   No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a speed grater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions

(3)   No person shall endanger the safety of any person or property

(4)   No motor vehicle may pull or convey any other vehicle or object with children or persons aboard

(5)   Motor vehicles must remain 150 feet from shore after entering or exiting the ice

(6)   Any motor vehicle that becomes disabled, partially imbedded or submerged in water… will be removed within 48 hours

(7)   No littering per WI State Statute 287.81


Town Ordinance 5-5 is available in entirety on the Town’s website, townoflakemills.org, and by contacting Town Clerk at [email protected]


Sarah FitzGibbon

Town Clerk


The Town is receiving many questions regarding Daybreak Foods expansion plans for it's Creekwood site located on Crossman Rd.  To date, Daybreak Foods has only made a presentation to the Town Board.  There have been no submissions of applications of any kind here. 

Daybreak has offered us the following DNR resources:

Updated plans and documents for WPDES wastewater permit at https://permits.dnr.wi.gov/water/SitePAges/Permit%20Search.aspx#k= AG-PNS-SC-2017-28-X10-27T20-31-27 and AG-PNS-SC-2017-28-X10-27T20-30-43

Public notice posting 30-day public comment period at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wastewater/publicnotices.html

Below are some additional links that are pertinent from 11-14-17:




Added 1/4/18: Storm Water documents (7 items under SW-GP-SC-2018-28-X01-04T13-06-06 )



Town of Lake Mills
Jefferson County, WI


The Town Board of Lake Mills hereby notifies you that the town’s winter parking regulations are in effect and will be enforced according to Town Ordinance 6-2-4(4) as follows:


Night parking prohibited: No person shall park a vehicle on any Town road in the Town of Lake Mills between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the months of

November, December, January, February, and March of any year.


Violation of this ordinance will result in issuance of penalty to the owner of the vehicle in violation.     

For additional information please contact the town clerk at [email protected] or (920) 648-5867.

                                                                                          Sarah FitzGibbon, Town Clerk


Turnout for Transportation


Locals for a sustainable solution



View the 2017 tax bill Information Letter insert (Info for 2018).  Includes info on dog licenses, garbage and yard waste pick up, snowplowing, boat launch permits, elections, and more.   



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