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Annual Meeting of the Electors

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

7PM, Town Hall


1) Call Meeting to order

2) Adoption of Agenda

3) Approval of minutes from the 2015 annual meeting

4) Reports

a.   Review of annual financial report

b.   Annual Police report

c.   Joint Rock Lake Committee report including north end launch improvement ideas

5) Public Comment (anything not already listed on the agenda)

6) Old Business

a.   Update on London Rd funding

7) New Business

a.   Confirmation of committee appointments

b.   Any other Business presented by Town Electors per /ss/ 60.10

8) Adjourn


Monthly Town Board Meeting will follow at 8:00PM.   


April 5, 2016 Election Results

902 Voters - 66.47% Turnout

Republican Party Primary:

Ted Cruz   217

Donald J Trump  163

John R Kasich 88



Democratic Party Primary:

Bernie Sanders   251

Hillary Clinton  171


 Justice of the Supreme Court:

JoAnne F Klopenburg  443

Rebecca G Bradley  412


Court of Appeals Judge, District 4

Brian W Blanchard  559

Write In 7


County Supervisor, District 15

Steven J Nass  613

Write In 11


Municipal Judge, City & Town of Lake Mills

Vincent J Guerrero  651

Write In 4


Cambridge School Board Member

Courtney Reed Jenkins  32

Heidi Thuli  37

Michael Huffman  44

Write In 4


Lake Mills School Board Member

Bob Dimperio  499

Dawn Delaney  550

Write In 8                            


SPRING YARD WASTE PICKUP - Saturday, May 14, 2016

John's Disposal will take grass, leaves, small sticks & similar material in clear plastic or brown biodegradable bags on the pickup date. Small bundles of branches are also picked up.  Please have items on the curb by 6:00am.  Monday (Shorewood Hills area) garbage route only.  This service is offered as an alternative to burning in our more densely populated areas of the Town.  Contact Clerk with questions.  


View the 2015 tax bill Information Letter insert now.  Tax bills will be available in early December.    



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