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The April meeting of the Town Board is to be held Thursday, April 17 per State Statute.  The meeting will begin at 8:00PM at Town Hall.


The Annual Meeting of the Electors will be held Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00PM at Town Hall.  


Town of Lake Mills – Annual Meeting of Electors
Tuesday April 17, 2018
7:00 pm at Town Hall
1) Call Meeting to order
a. Notice posted at the Town Hall, North End Boat Launch, and the Cul-de-sac on Finch Bros. Rd, and posted on the Town of Lake Mills Website, www.townoflakemills.org.
2) Adoption of Agenda
3) Approval of minutes of April 2017 annual meeting
4) Reports
a. Review of annual financial report
b. Annual Police report
c. Joint Rock Lake Committee report
5) Public Comment (anything not already listed on the agenda)
6) Old Business
a. None
7) New Business
a. Discussion and decision on the chip seal applied to the road in Shorewood Hills – Jamie Hanson
b. Discussion and decision on the intersection of Woodfield Ln and Stockbridge Ct – Jamie Hanson
c. Discussion and decision on Town Board salaries – Sara Muchka
d. Discussion and decision on Town Clerk job – Sarah FitzGibbon
e. Discussion of appointments to Town Committees
f. Any other Business presented by Town Electors per /ss/60.10
8) Adjournment



THE TOWN ENCOURAGES RESIDENTS TO UTILIZE THE YARD WASTE PICK UP RATHER THAN BURNING YARD WASTE. You are hereby notified that a yard waste pick –up will take place on Saturday, May 5, 2018 beginning at 6:00 am for the residential Shorewood Hills area garbage and recycling route (Monday route) only. This includes the North End of Rock Lake and Elm Point, Linden Street and Sandy Beach Rd. Please have yard waste placed at the roadside the night prior to the pickup. Yard waste must be contained in clear plastic or brown compostable bags. Yard waste includes grass, leaves, small sticks, weeds, plants, wreaths and other similar materials. Branches need to be 4 ft. in length and less than 8” in diameter bundled so one man can handle. Limit of 30 bundles or bags. Any further questions, please contact the town clerk at (920)648-5867 or via email at [email protected] Information can be found on our website at www.townoflakemills.org.

Sarah FitzGibbon, Town Clerk




Town of Lake Mills
Jefferson County, WI


Mud Lake Road, Conservation Road, North Kroghville Road, South Kroghville Road, Shorewood Hills Road, Echo Bay Lane, Woodfield Lane, Stockbridge Court, Lake Lane, Upper Shorewood Hills Road, Sunset Court, Lake Terrace, E. White Oak Drive, Cedar Lane, Shorewood Meadows Drive, Shorewood Meadows Circle, Alley Road, London Road, Center Street, Kuhl Road, Cemetery Road, North Shore Road, Faville Road, Elm Point Road, Helena Street, Indian Trail Street, Korth Highlands Street, Stoney Creek Road, Schollmeyer Road, East Main Street, London Street, Ivan Street, Casey Street, Henry Street, Palladio Street, Rock Lake Road, Canter Court, Polo Lane, and Bridle Path.  Click here to view the full notice of posted seasonal weight limits.




Daybreak Foods expansion plans for it's Creekwood site located on Crossman Rd

Daybreak has offered us the following DNR resources:

Updated plans and documents for WPDES wastewater permit at https://permits.dnr.wi.gov/water/SitePAges/Permit%20Search.aspx#k= AG-PNS-SC-2017-28-X10-27T20-31-27 and AG-PNS-SC-2017-28-X10-27T20-30-43

Public notice posting 30-day public comment period at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wastewater/publicnotices.html

Below are some additional links that are pertinent from 11-14-17:




Added 1/4/18: Storm Water documents (7 items under SW-GP-SC-2018-28-X01-04T13-06-06 )



Turnout for Transportation


Locals for a sustainable solution



View the 2017 tax bill Information Letter insert (Info for 2018).  Includes info on dog licenses, garbage and yard waste pick up, snowplowing, boat launch permits, elections, and more.   



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